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Your Appointment

You need to make an appointment to be able to consult with your doctor. An appointment card can be issued at the time of booking, as your reminder. If you have given us your current Mobile Phone number, a reminder text message will also be sent to you, the day prior to your appointment.

Please help us to provide an efficient and high quality service by:

  • Notifying reception if you consider your problem to be of an urgent nature.
  • Cancelling your appointment well in advance if you decide not to attend.
  • Advising if you have a number of problems that may require extended time.
  • Advising if you have a preference for a particular doctor.
  • Advising if you have any special requirements due to your cultural background.

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. We are well aware of this and try hard to adhere to appointment schedules. However, the unpredictable nature of a medical practice is such that the doctors sometimes run behind time. We sincerely regret any inconvenience when we are running behind with our appointments and appreciate your  patience and thoughtfulness for others,  should this occur.


All patients, with the exception of  Workers Compensation and Third Party patients, are bulk billed through Medicare, for consultations with our GP’s.


The doctors at our practice have no hesitation in  referring patients at their request or where a problem requires specialist expertise. However, it is our policy that referrals are given after consultation with your doctor. This ensures that the referral is appropriate and allows your doctor to coordinate the management of the problem.

The doctors are not permitted to backdate referrals, so you need to ensure your referral is current before seeing the specialist.


Your prescription is a legal document issued by your doctor. The doctor accepts liability for any consequence arising from the use of prescribed drugs. A consultation is therefore required before a script can be issued. In the interest of good medical care, the doctor will normally need to review the patient before issuing a repeat prescription.


Strict legal and ethical restrictions are imposed on doctors in supplying medical certificates for patients. A certificate may only be issued after the patient has been examined by the doctor and illness is clearly evident. In no circumstances can a certificate be backdated or written in advance.


Urgent Phone Calls are discussed with our doctors immediately and the call is returned. Non-Urgent calls will be returned  where possible, but please let our receptionist  know what you wish to speak to the doctor about as she is trained and may be able to assist you with a course of action or a consultation appointment.

All abnormal results are notified and follow-up appointments made by phone or letter.


We also run an Ante-Natal Clinic here at Swift Street Medical Centre. The Clinic runs every Wednesday from 9:30am until 12:30pm. Your progress will be carefully monitored by our Ante-Natal Nursing Staff and Doctors and any necessary referrals and bookings can then be made accordingly.


With the latest building additions to our surgery, we are now equipped to run a clinic that allows Dr Spencer to perform minor surgical and other procedures on site. Our Procedure Day runs every Tuesday. Bookings are necessary and are made once a GP has assessed the patients  condition and referred the patient on for treatment.

Our Doctors …

Can provide home visits when necessary; Visit Nursing Home patients on a regular basis; Accept family medicine/general practice problems; Perform  minor surgical procedures; Are against the abuse of addictive medications; Are willing to discuss embarrassing or personal issues with confidentiality.



For Your Information …

*   10 tips for Safer Health Care


*  All consenting patients are placed on the National Reminder Register

*   Interpreter services are available upon request

*  Please leave your Private Vaccines with admin staff upon appointment arrival.

Should you have any complaints or concerns, or feedback of any kind, please feel free to speak to our

Practice Manager, Mrs Sue Towney.


   (Health Care Complaints Commission 1800 043 159)